Our Approach

Key features of ACMV Design Consultant’s approach to all projects include:

  • A clear understanding and identification of the client’s requirements are identified at the beginning of the project
  • Continued contact with the client throughout the project to ensure that all project outcomes are identified and achieved
  • Application of over 45 years of design, construction, commissioning and preventative maintenance experience towards a design solution
  • Provision of design solutions that “work”, that fulfil the long term requirements of the client, that operate effectively and efficiently and are cost effective
  • Detailed documentation which ensures a competitive tender result and provides the mechanical services contractor with a clear understanding of the project scope and outcomes required
  • Project management throughout the project to ensure that the design intent, project outcomes and the clients requirements are met
  • The ability to assist with fine tuning the operation and performance of the mechanical services plant to minimize operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provision of post construction consultancy services to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the mechanical services plant was achieved and maintained and that preventative maintenance routines were cost effective to maximize the working life of the plant.