About Us

ACMV Design Consultants was established in 1995 as a partnership and in 2011, became ACMV Design Consultants Pty Ltd. ACMV Design Consultants has gained an excellent reputation within industry and government, specialising in the design of mechanical services for new buildings and for the re-engineering of mechanical services in existing buildings, with an emphasis on building energy reduction and the design of “energy smart” digital control systems.

ACMV’s reputation has been based on “do it once and do it right” commitment, which has resulted in a high demand for our services. We pride ourselves on providing superior levels of design solutions that are capital cost effective, energy efficient and provide long term positive outcomes that meet the requirements of our clients. We maintain a relatively small, long term client base which allows in-house knowledge to be utilized to provide long term, positive outcomes and results in a dedicated, personalized service for each client.

ACMV employs two full time staff and up to ten contract staff depending on the type of works being undertaken and the workload. When required, ACMV engage the services of long time known associate engineers, designers and project managers on a sub contract basis to provide additional manpower that may be required for a particular project. This arrangement streamlines our overheads, reduces consultancy fees and provides a highly experienced project team tailor- made to suit the project in question.