Company Profile

ACMV Design Consultants are specialist consultants that provide only Mechanical Engineering consultancy services for the commercial and light industrial sectors of the building industry, facilities managers and building owners for both new buildings and the re-engineering of existing buildings.

ACMV is also heavily focused on sustainability in design and Building Management Control Systems (BMS’s) which can provide high levels of energy efficiency for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems.

The use of energy efficiency in mechanical services has led into the field of Sustainable Design and Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) of commercial buildings, primarily as a result of ACMV’s Director, Mr Glen Tatam, being one of the original members (now retired) of the NABERS Design Review Panel. There were only eight Members on the Panel that serve Australia, who provided advice on buildings proposed to be constructed to meet a defined energy star rating under a NABERS Commitment Agreement. Individual Panel Members were directly employed by the building owner or developer to provide independent advice to the Project Team (via the Developer) on architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic services to ensure that the building and its services have the potential to achieve their designated energy star rating when commissioned and fully occupied.